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Dr. Naheed Asad-Van De Walle, MD 

179th President, New York County Medical Society.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

NYU Langone Health

Past President New York Society of Physical Medical Rehabilitation 

Dr. Van De Walle is currently serving as the 179th president of New York County Medical Society. She was recently invited to speak at the United nation about global pain initiatives where she stated: "my job as a physician was clear — I was to do my utmost to save lives and help those who seek care to the best of my ability."

Dr. Van De Walle is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Langone Health. She specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the prestigious Rusk Rehabilitation, the world's first and among the largest university-affiliated academic centers devoted entirely to inpatient/outpatient care, research, and training in rehabilitation medicine for both adults and pediatric patients. 

Dr. Van De Walle is one of the most respected physicians in the entire medical community, not only due to her highly trained skill, knowledge and bedside manner but also due to her warm-hearted personality to her colleagues, trainees, and patients. 

Dr. Van De Walle cares deeply, as the physician representing the New York County, about providing solutions for physician burnout, health care disparity and recurring legislation. she expresses the sincerest desire to improve health through education and to improve patient-physician relationship. 

It is with great honor have Dr. Van De Walle, Dr. Kim's mentor, as a member of BestDocz, the medical community for physicians that are giving their 100% to every patient that they see in a clinical setting. 

Sokolof Jonas hero-crop.jpg

Jonas Sokolof, DO

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine 

Director, Oncological Rehabilitation
NYU-Langone Health

Co-chair of the medical fitness working group for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

The executive committee for the American College of Sports Medicine’s Task Force on Exercise Oncology.

Dr. Sokolof completed his residency training at Harvard Medical School. He then subspecialized in musculoskeletal/sports medicine and interventional spine care. 

His goal is to help his patients regain function through various nonoperative treatments, including rehabilitation, medication, and injections for the spine and joint pain. He prefers a more holistic approach to patient care. He also has expertise in osteopathic manipulative medicine treatment (OMT), also known as "hands-on care." He uses his hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury utilizing OMT. He has expertise in cancer rehab and he is also certified in sports medicine. He also performs electrodiagnostic testing to diagnose and guide the treatment of neuromuscular disorders. His overall goal for his patients is to help improve the overall function and quality of life.

It is an honor to have Dr. Sokolof as a member of BestDocz. 


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