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Dr. Kim has obtained his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Stony Brook University with a pure desire to study the "human mind." At Stony Brook University, he participated in conducting a research study in human memory. Dr. Kim finished his medical school in New York and completed his internship in Michigan. Dr. Kim has completed his residency training at the Rusk Rehabilitation where he served as a chief resident. 

Dr. Kim has been featured in the newsletter at NYU Langone Health on multiple occasions with his institutionwide projects in patient safety. He has contributed to improving the interpretation service at NYU Tisch, NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, and NYU Brooklyn Hospital for all physicians. Dr. Kim also made official institutional guides in animations on how to report patient safety events at three hospital sites, and how to perform the IPASS (handoff). He has also created tutorial animations on High-Reliability Organization for all house staff at NYU with his sincere dedication to supporting "the culture change" in patient safety. 

Dr. Kim has numerous leadership positions at the regional and national levels. Dr. Kim has also contributed as a co-author in the Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in Interventional Pain Management. He also has published quite a few articles, medical journals and presented case reports at national conferences. 

Dr. Kim has completed his fellowship in pain medicine in the ACGME-Accredited Interventional Pain Management Fellowship Program at NYU Langone Health. The program at NYU, with Johns Hopkins, is an award-winning recipient of The American Academy of Pain Medicine’s Pain Medicine Fellowship Excellence Award.

Dr. Kim entered the field of healing in 2003 as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) student. In 2006, he obtained a New York State license as a Physical Therapist Assistant. He has worked at over 25 different facilities as a licensed PTA treating patients with musculoskeletal injuries, neurological disorders such as strokes, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and cardiopulmonary rehab – for 5 years prior to entering medical school. 

Dr. Kim recalls many of his patients suffering from chronic pain. Dr. Kim then decided to be the leader of the interdisciplinary team comprised of physical therapy, occupational therapy, social worker, case management, and nursing staff to further enhance the level of his understanding of the complexity of pain.

Dr. Kim has made his appearance on the website of Man's 4th Best Hospital as an interviewer of the author of The House of God, Dr. Samuel Shem. In 2020, The House of God was on the Washington Post list of “12 novels that have changed our lives”—Shem being the only author still alive. In 2019, in an MDLinx vote by doctors of “The 10 Most Influential Books,” The House of God was Number 1. 

Having been trained in a Rehabilitation Medicine Residency and Anesthesia Pain Fellowship at NYU, he entered the field of pain medicine with a pure desire to become a superb diagnostician for his future patients. During his residency training at the Rusk Rehab, he completed a 300-hour course to obtain certification in acupuncture. He founded ALL OF PAIN in hopes of providing treatment options for patients suffering from all kinds of pain.

During his leisure time, Dr. Kim likes to travel to attend medical conferences.

Dr. Kim always had a strong desire to create an opportunity for like-minded physicians to network and learn from each other. The passion for making things better for future physicians and patients eventually led to the birth of BestDocz and now, its appearance in the medical community.


Dr. Park served as the president of the Korean American Medical Association (KAMA) in 2019. The KAMA, with over 3,000 physicians on their active email list has been serving many areas across the United States for more than 45 years. The political influence of the KAMA was also deeply embedded in the American Medical Association (AMA) throughout the history of the existence of the organization as a legal delegate and contributed to making positive changes in medicine. 

Dr. Park cares deeply about the learning experiences of the learners. He is currently serving as the medical director of liver transplantation, an associate director of Hepatology, and a director of the Asian Liver Health Program at NYU Langone Health and NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Park graduated from School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at State University of New York at Buffalo and finished an internal medicine residency at New York University School of Medicine, gastroenterology fellowship at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and a transplant Hepatology fellowship at the Mount Sinai Hospital and an Empire State Clinical Hepatology Research Training at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Dr. Park is also serving as a chair of NYC Hepatitis B Coalition and on the Educational Committee of the American College of Gastroenterology. He is a United Network for Organ Sharing certified transplant physician and has conducted extensive clinical research and manuscripts in viral hepatitis B, C, liver cancer and liver transplantation.

Through BestDocz, Dr. Park hopes to create a space for networking opportunities where like-minded physicians share their vision and inspire each other. 


Previously, Mong Lim started his journey as an entrepreneur by installing his unique LED screens. The demand for his expertise in the LED industry drastically increased because he made his own products. He extended the area of his expertise, became a Microsoft Certified IT professional and had his technical expertise validated via rigorous, industry-recognized exams. Due to exceedingly increased demand from business owners, Mong found My IT Solution in 2015. which eventually led to many businesses to grow under his strategic planning under one Enterprise, BKML. He gave solutions to many companies across the United States. He then became the owner of a medical research company. He and his team of physicians provided high-quality research works with a sincere desire to serve the medical community. He gradually reduced the level of his involvement in the research company to reroute his focus and energy on informational technology. Mong Lim invented a 3rd party logistic system and provided the solution to major companies. They became his Loyal clients. His company can offer lightning fast and highly effective logistic solutions to many businesses.


In his spare time, Mong is a car maniac, and he likes to drive with his exotic sports car collections. He is also talented in music. He can play musical instruments such as piano, drums, violins at a semi-pro level. He is truly a multi-talented IT genius but not smart enough to know that he is. 


Zinno Park is a highly talented, creative photographer based in New York City. He has some fantastic portfolio. He has worked with quite a few people that you would see on TVs such as Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives and Cheryl Cason from Fox Network. Photos that he took of them were placed in the world famous "Metropolitan Magazine."

Zinno Park has also provided his photography services for the South Korean President Moon Jae-In while he was visiting New York back 2017. You can see some of his amazing works in here.

Zinno Park's unique way of capturing the moment is something that you will never find anywhere else. With his eagle eye, he knows exactly when and where to position himself, his clients and the camera. He Is highly trusted by physician groups on a regional and national level. He would provide perhaps the most memorable photos that you will ever have taken.  His photos truly move people's mind and soul. 

Find out more. 

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