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Dr. Benjamin Bonte, MD

Fellowship Director / Pain Medicine / Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist


According to the founder of BestDocz, Dr. Kim, "Dr. Bonte is one of the most humble physicians that I have ever met in my entire life." Confident without a hint of arrogance, he was always known as the true role model and an excellent educator during his residency training at NYU Langone Health where he completed his training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as a chief resident. He then went on to complete his fellowship training at the Hudson Medical Group Fellowship Program in Interventional Pain. 


Dr. Kim of BestDocz recalls his bedside manner as being "one of the best I have ever seen." He is currently serving as the Interventional Pain Fellowship Director at Hudson Medical Group Fellowship Program. It is well known to his colleagues that he cares deeply about the learning experiences of his trainees. Most importantly, he always puts his patients ahead of himself.


Dr. Bonte specializes in treating conditions with musculoskeletal injuries, spine conditions and also chronic pain. His name is mentioned at dinner tables and meetings as the physician that people can trust with their family and loved once due to his unparalleled excellence in patient care.


It is with great pleasure and honor to continue our "friendship," now under the umbrella of BestDocz, where the physician-selected best doctors exchange ideas and foster future collaborations. 


Please click here to learn more about Dr. Bonte and the services that he offers to his patients and the community. 


Dr. Antigone Argyriou, MD

President of the New York Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (NYSPMR) 

Director, Chronic Pain Options

Interventional Pain Management


Dr. Antigone is an excellent leader. She is currently serving as the president of one of the most active state organizations in PM&R (Physiatry), the NYSPMR. Dr. Kim, the founder of BestDocz has been working quite closely with her for a few years within the NYSPMR. Dr. Kim has had an opportunity to witness and learn excellent leadership skills from Dr. Antigone. 


Dr. Antigone as the main leader within the NYSPMR in conjunction with her team members continues to help make an exponential bring a surge in the volume of interest among medical students who consider pursuing a career in PM&R through various hands-on workshops (i.e. ultrasound). 


In addition to the well-attended monthly event, NYSPMR hosts the Rehab Quiz Bowl where most PM&R programs (resident leaders) from the New York area join the event as active participants.  The NYSPMR also hosts its Fellowship and Career Fair, also attended by most fellowship programs in New York. 


Dr. Antigone finished her residency training at the Nassau University Medical Center where she served as a chief resident. She then proceeded to complete her training in interventional management through the Fellowship program at Montefiore Medical Center of the Albert Einstein school of medicine. pain


Dr. Antigone has extensive experiences in clinical research and also, authored quite a few textbook chapters and scientific papers to contribute to the advancement of literature in medicine. 


It is truly an honor to have such an influential role model on 


Please click here to learn more about Dr. Antigone

You may also click here to learn more about the NYSPMR 

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