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Dr. Fahad Khan, MD 

Board-Certified Anesthesiologist

Board-Certified Pain Management Specialist 

Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Care, and Pain Medicine

Professional Public Speaker 

NYU Langone Health 


Dr. Fahad Khan is a professional public speaker. Dr. Fahad is incredibly highly respected by many of his patients, colleagues, and friends including Dr. Kim, the founder of BestDocz. He has appeared on national TV shows and Ted Talk. He has a great passion for pursuing wellness among physicians and of course, his patients. He believes that a life of vitality is possible when modern medicine is blended with ancient & holistic therapies. Dr. Khan Also strongly believes in the optimization of health by harnessing the power of yoga, acupuncture, and meditation in conjunction with cutting edge advances in modern medicine. 


Dr. Khan is a double board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine specialist who trained at the Johns Hopkins University, New York University School of Medicine, and Harvard Medical School. He holds three graduate degrees in Evidence-Based Medicine and has dived deep into the professional study of the Eastern healing arts.


He treats back pain, insomnia, and stress by prescribing medication or mantra, administering injections or asana, and conducting delicate surgery or energy work.


Please Click Here to learn more about Dr. Fahad Khan, MD 

You may also watch his recent Ted Talk as below. 



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